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BioTechUSA signs Real Madrid striker

Brazilian footballer Rodrygo Silva De Goes joins the team of BioTechUSA brand ambassadors  

BioTechUSA, a firm with a history of over 20 years, specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of dietary supplements and special foodstuffs, is dynamically increasing its revenues and presence while coming up with a constant stream of novelties. As a family-owned company, we are advancing by an entirely unconventional model, making our way from Hungary while building an internationally successful company. As a new milestone in this process, our group has managed to sign the promising young talent from Brazil.  

21 year-old Rodrygo Silva De Goes—simply known as Rodrygo—has been Real Madrid’s striker since 2019, where he is bound to by contract until 2025. He made his mark shortly after moving to Europe by becoming the club’s second youngest UCL scorer at 18 years of age as well as its fastest, scoring two goals at a Champions League match. He went down in history as the second youngest goal scorer in Champions League history after hat-trick scorer Wayne Rooney.

Apart from his sports career, he is also highly active on social media with nearly 7 million followers on Instagram and a high level of visibility at matches, practices and in his private life as well.  

In the spirit of BioTechUSA’s motto, the The Feeling of Success, we feel it’s important to convey our over 20 years of sports nutritional experience, as this is our obligation as well as our responsibility. With the help of our universal and gender-neutral products as well as our expertise, we are focused on helping our consumers become the best version of themselves, allowing people to achieve and experience their own success, which means something different for everyone. However, the brand is not just the expert of gym workout and lifestyle change, as we also work with a number of top athletes, including footballer Attila Szalai and various teams.

In order to spread our mission, we are working with a number of professional athletes and influencers—internationally—who are capable of inspiring many people through their personal example, lifestyle and sports achievements. Rodrygo’s arrival will further boost our 90-strong team of ambassadors.