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BioTechUSA and Scitec Nutrition at FIBO  

For the first time, our two flagship brands, BioTechUSA and Scitec Nutrition were jointly featured at the FIBO Global Fitness expo that took place between 13 and 16 April. Our group attended the prestigious event in Cologne with a huge booth, featuring products for tasting, diverse attractions and our well-known brand ambassadors.   

Organized every year since 1985, the top fitness, wellness and health industry expo is a key meeting and networking point for the representatives of the international fitness industry. Apart from professionals, the event is also incredibly popular amongst the general public, as many attend FIBO to find out more about the latest trends, try the latest products or take a chance to meet the most authentic and iconic influencers and athletes of the industry.  More information on FIBO: FIBO | 11 – 14 April 2024  

The BioTechUSA team has been attending FIBO for more than 20 years. What makes this year’s expo so special for us is that this was the first time that the two leading brands of our group, BioTechUSA and Scitec Nutrition, were both attending the event. Our 234-square-meter, self-owned container booth catered to our business partners as well as all participants of the expo, providing everyone a chance to try and purchase our products. Our brand ambassadors also attracted a great deal of attention at the event: Ulisses Jr., Stephanie Davis, Brandon Curry and Sergi Constance. The event was also attended by the co-owners of the group, CEO Bálint Lévai and Sales Director Balázs Lévai.  

Our attendance at the event in Cologne was a huge success, both for our business and our consumers. The booth was flooded by visitors: our colleagues offered a total of 22 thousand portions of products for free tasting, and 8 thousand samples.  

We are really pleased and proud that we attended this year’s FIBO expo by featuring both our BioTechUSA and Scitec Nutrition brands with huge success.  I would like to thank all my colleagues for their hard work in preparing and arranging our attendance at the event, spreading the spirit of #TheFeelingOfSuccess and #MakeADifference abroad, nearly 1,200 kilometers away from our center in Óbuda!”

– said Bálint Lévai.