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BioTechUSA supports the Hungarian Hospital Association with record donation  

On the occasion of International Nurses Day, the BioTechUSA group donated a record amount to the Hungarian Hospital Association, thereby indirectly providing assistance to 91 hospitals throughout the country. The donation consists of 15,000 boxes of premium vitamin products, which will be delivered to 5,000 emergency care nurses, in line with the criteria set out by the Association. The value of the donation is HUF 60 million.   

Hungarian-owned corporation supporting domestic healthcare

To date, the BioTechUSA group has supported 33 non-governmental organizations and hospitals through its corporate social responsibility program in the value of nearly HUF 200 million, donating 45,000 boxes of products.  As a solely Hungarian-owned international corporation, the program’s main objective is to equip and modernize domestic healthcare institutions with indispensable therapeutic, rehabilitation and diagnostic devices, boosting the immune system of hospital workers with its products and supporting various healthcare objectives with cash donations.  

Focusing on emergency care nurses  

In 1974, the International Council of Nurses designated 12 May as International Nurses Day, which has been observed in Hungary since 1982. This occasion served as an opportunity for the largest donation in the history of the BioTechUSA group, in the value of over HUF 60 million, including 15,000 boxes of premium dietary supplements for 5,000 emergency care nurses, in line with the criteria set forth by the Hungarian Hospital Association. The company’s vitamin C, vitamin D and multivitamin products will be dispatched through the Association to 91 hospitals across the country, including the Bács-Kiskun County Teaching Hospital, the Teaching Hospital of the General Medicine Faculty of the University of Szeged, the Békés County Central Hospital, the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen, the Hospital of Mohács and the Szent Borbála Hospital.  

Expressing our gratitude to those who protect our health and well-being   

The donation ceremony was attended by the co-owners of the BioTechUSA group, CEO Bálint Lévai and Sales Director Balázs Lévai, along with the President of the Association Dr. György János Velkey, Head of the Bethesda Children’s Hospital.  

Dr. György János Velkey gave the following explanation to why they chose to support emergency care nurses:

They are not in the spotlight; they work behind the scenes, performing hard and grueling physical labor. Not only do they have to carry out their daily duties under more challenging conditions, but they are often faced with more difficult social and economic situations themselves. Still they play a vital and indispensable role.

According to Dr. György János Velkey, the nursing career is incredibly challenging, as

It does not only require a high level of professionalism and knowledge, but also a humane approach and physical condition as well as unique mental faculties. Usually they have to work in three shifts, and must be present at the hospital round the clock. It is very hard to reconcile this with family life. The majority of nurses commute from the countryside, which means they might need to travel a lot on top of their working hours. Due to the nature of their work, they are faced with a great deal of tension, witness the life-and-death struggle of patients on a daily basis, and their role can be decisive. Furthermore, there are very few nurses to tend to the patients, and they also have to deal with a lot of administrative work. There is a great shortage of skilled nurses in Hungary, which means they have to deal with extreme situations, with often one single nurse overseeing wards with 20–40 beds. As there aren’t many initiatives that directly support the day-to-day lives of hospitals and hospital employees, we are particularly grateful for the support of BioTechUSA”

– said the President of the Hungarian Hospital Association.  

Here at the BioTechUSA group, we certainly believe that our health is the greatest treasure in the world. Our mission could not succeed without the dedicated work of healthcare institutions, therefore we feel it is our duty to devote attention to those who take care of us and are constantly working for us to get better. Hungarian doctors and nurses do hard work, which is why it is important for them to stay on their feet and help others do the same. We would like to thank the Hungarian Hospital Association for its indispensable work, which enabled us to support emergency care health workers throughout the country with our products”

– said co-owners CEO Bálint Lévai and Sales Director Balázs Lévai in relation to the cooperation. 

On the occasion of the donation ceremony, a more extensive interview was made with Dr. György János Velkey as well as Bálint Lévai and Balázs Lévai, discussing topics like the challenges of the healthcare system, the nursing career model and various opportunities for support.  

The full interview is available on the following link: