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BioTechUSA Group Continues the Development of its Manufacturing and Logistics Center in Szada  

BioTechUSA Group has been reached another significant milestone: the completely Hungarian-owned company has expanded its manufacturing and logistics center with a new, state-of-the-art automated warehouse system in its facility in Szada. The investment will help the Group to fulfill the needs of its customers and business partners faster than ever. It will also allow some of the former warehouse staff to be reassigned to other areas of logistics, providing them a more diverse work environment. Another important improvement conducted by the company was the construction of brand new, four-story social blocks with a total useful floor area of more than 1000 square meters which aimed at increasing the company’s workforce retention capacity. The development of the automated warehouse was realised at a cost of 2,6 million Euros, of which 646.000 Euros were financed by the Hungarian state.   

The BioTechUSA Group has established its own manufacturing facilities and logistics center in Sada and Dunakeszi, with a total useful area of nearly 44,000 square meters and a storage capacity of 24,000 pallets. These two facilities are responsible for manufacturing and packaging the vast majority of the Group’s products: the combined capacity of Dunakeszi and Szada is 20 million bars, 20,000 tons of powder and 1 billion capsules and pills per year.

BioTechUSA is proud to be one of the few dietary supplement and specialty food companies in the world that can claim to have their own factory and logistics center, allowing the company to produce unique, premium products and also to respond quickly and flexibly to consumer demand while maintaining high-quality standards. Dunakeszi and Szada operate according to the same quality management and food safety standards, both sites comply the ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, GMP, IFS Food and Halal criteria – which are continuously maintained, audited, expanded and improved in order to meet market needs. 

The two-story automated warehouse of 450 m2 has 20 rows per level, with a total of 9,600 crates, which are loaded and unloaded using 4 loaders. Our warehouse employees control the movement of crates between the two levels using three elevators and six control panels. The warehouse, which can handle approximately 60,000 orders per month and store 300,000 items, operates on a “goods to man” principle as opposed to the traditional “man to goods” principle. Thanks to this development, BioTechUSA is now able to assemble 8 average size costumer orders per minute, which is way faster than the manual method. 

“BioTechUSA is dedicated to constant improvement. This is reflected not only in our product development and business strategy, but also in our service efficiency. Our new automated warehouse enables us to deliver customer orders more quickly and with fewer errors, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.”  – said Bálint Lévai, CEO and co-owner of BioTechUSA Group.

The total investment – including the development of the company management system, the purchase of handling equipment and other necessary equipment – was realized with a total of 2,6 million Euros, of which 646.000 Euros were Hungarian state aid. 

BioTechUSA recently relocated its leased warehouse from Ezred Street and successfully integrated the associated logistics system into the new location. Despite the change of location, nearly 80 employees chose to remain with the company. In addition, the modernization of the company’s plant in Szada also included the development of brand new social blocks with a total useful floor area of more than 1,000 square meters.  

“We have nearly 600 employees working in Sada from Monday to Friday in 2 shifts in a comfortable, neat work environment. In order to meet the needs of the increased number of employees, we have significantly increased the size of the locker rooms and dining area to provide more comfort for the employees. In terms of social benefits, we provide more break time as paid working time than mandatory break time. Additionally, we have established a fully equipped, two-story gym in our new social block to promote the physical well-being of our colleagues. Our objective is to offer an appealing work environment that fosters employee loyalty and long-term collaboration.  ” – said Diána Markovics, Managing Director of the BioTechUSA Group’s Supply Areas.

In 2024, the company will continue to develop in accordance with its long-term omnichannel business strategy. The Group will sell its products on all possible platforms: offline and online, in its own and partner online stores and even in shops, gyms, supermarkets, grocery store chains, drugstores, gas stations and pharmacies. In addition to upgrading its headquarters in Óbuda, BioTechUSA will also expand its main office building with a gym and boxing room.

In the Szada manufacturing and logistics complex, a premium production line capable of producing more than 50 million protein bars annually is under construction, and its opening in 2024 will be a major development milestone for the company. Later in 2024, BioTechUSA Group will also expand the social blocks of the plant, increasing the area of the changing rooms and dining area. Simultaneously, the Group is modernizing the technology of the Dunakeszi plant and has initiated several energy improvements, primarily through the installation of a solar panel system.