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BioTechUSA was awarded by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office 

BioTechUSA has received a prestigious award: the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office has deemed the group worthy of the Millennium Award. The award is given every year on April 26, World Intellectual Property Day, to institutions and companies that place special emphasis on the protection of intellectual property. The award was accepted by Dr. Zoltán Honvári, Chief Legal Counsel of BioTechUSA Group. 

There are only a few dietary supplement companies in the world that can claim to have their own manufacturing facility, and BioTechUSA is one of them. This not only allows the company to offer unique, high-quality products, but also to respond quickly and flexibly to consumer demand. And uniqueness requires that its innovative and creative solutions in manufacturing, logistics, quality control and product development must be trademarked where they are needed to ensure market differentiation, premium product quality and customer service.   

Over a hundred brands, in-house expertise  

As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements, functional foods, and sportswear, BioTechUSA currently operates in 103 countries and keeps abreast of regulatory changes in 103 countries. In total, the group has more than 100 trademarks around the world. Protected trademarks include the BioTechUSA and Scitec Nutrition brand names, the names of several well-known products, and design patents. 

The Group’s in-house legal department is responsible for coordinating the trademark process and therefore manages the Company’s trademarks in-house. The Group’s attorneys identify the names, designs and geographies where protection is warranted, prepare a list of goods and services covered by the trademark, and arrange for the necessary official procedures through a local representative or the Hungarian Trademark Office. In addition, they continuously monitor similar trademarks and oppose confusingly similar applications. 

BioTechUSA among prestigious domestic institutions and companies  

“It is a source of pride for our Group that, thanks to the work of our colleagues, BioTechUSA has received this prestigious recognition, following such renowned institutions and companies as the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Zwack Unicum Nyrt. or Herendi Porcelain Manufactory Ltd,” said Dr. Zoltán Honvári, Chief Legal Counsel of BioTechUSA Group, at the award ceremony. “We pay special attention to the protection of our intellectual property because obtaining protection is an essential and key element of a well-structured and planned business. It is essential for a well-thought-out strategy as it enables our company to market our products more smoothly in the geographical area covered by the protection and to fight more effectively against counterfeiters and imitators,” added Zoltán Honvári.